Why choose DAL Investment Company to manage your assets?

DAL Investment Company was the first to use noload mutual funds in professionally managed client accounts in 1969. For the last 34 years, DAL has used mutual funds to achieve our client’s investment objectives.

DAL Investment Company has been Upgrading to better returns for the last three decades. The Upgrading strategy has weathered bull and bear markets, and all markets in between.

Individual Attention
Each client account is customized to the client’s time horizon, risk-tolerance and investment goals. Each client is considered a partner whose success is a reflection of our own.

Proven, Time-Tested Strategy
The Upgrading strategy was one of the first to focus on near-term performance and the persistence of performance. Our approach is continually supported by academic research, our 35 year experience managing assets, as well as the experience of subscribers to our newsletter, NoLoad Fund*X.

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