Janet M. Brown, President of DAL and Managing Editor of NoLoad FundX, joined DAL in 1978. Janet has been researching funds and developing successful fund investment strategies for many years. Prior to joining DAL, she worked in Brussels with a financial services company where she specialized in mutual funds. Janet is frequently interviewed by the media on investment and mutual fund issues.
Jason W. Browne, Chief Investment Officer, joined DAL in June 2000 and is the newest member of DAL’s investment team. He earned his BA from San Francisco State University in 1994 and received his MBA from St Mary’s College. He has worked for two major brokerage firms as a broker and advisor. Prior to joining DAL, Jason was managing private client accounts for a local money management firm.
Martin (Marty) R. DeVault, Portfolio Manager, was editor and publisher of The Mutual Fund Journal. He spent 20 years in academic research with the University of California, Davis. Marty is a graduate of Colorado State University with a BS in microbiology.  He holds a certificate in financial planning and came from one of the largest mutual fund and financial services companies in the country.
Bernard (Bernie) W. Burke, Portfolio Manager, is a fourth generation San Franciscan. He has over 40 years of investment industry experience, with extensive knowledge of mutual fund companies. Bernie holds a BA degree in economics from Stanford University. He is a member of the San Francisco Society of Security Analysts.
Sean McKeon, Portfolio Manager, received his BA from Rutgers University in 1981 and moved from New York to San Francisco in 1986. There, he served as a broker with a major securities firm dealing primarily with mutual funds. He earned his MBA in Finance at San Francisco State University. Sean has been with DAL since 1990, managing hundreds of client portfolios. He has played a key role in developing and implementing the Upgrading system.

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