• The greatest measure of our success is the large number of long-term client relationships we’ve built spanning the country and the globe, and in some cases, multiple generations. It is a source of pride that many clients have placed their trust in DAL for well over twenty years.
  • Our clients include banks, mutual funds, pension plans, charitable foundations, family trusts as well as individuals.
  • We also act as a sub-advisor to other investment professionals wishing us to execute our strategy for the benefit of their clients.
  • Members of the financial press and general media often turn to DAL for insight and information, considering us to be a respected resource on the mutual fund industry.
  • We are regularly asked to appear as speakers for organizations such as AAII (the American Association of Individual Investors), the Money Show and other prestigious venues.
  • Our newsletter, NoLoad FundX, is well regarded by critics and readers alike, with a subscriber base of over 13,000 and growing in a time when some newsletter sales are dwindling.
  • Our newsletter subscribers include many professional financial advisers, who rely on NoLoad FundX for information.
  • NoLoad FundX’s recommended portfolios of funds consistently score highly in the Hulbert Financial Digest, which has tracked the performance of investment newsletters for over 25 years.  
  • Forbes.com chose NoLoad FundX in 2003 to be the first mutual fund newsletter to partner with in their outreach program. 
  • DAL manages the portfolios of a series of open-end mutual funds.

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